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  • Clean And Maintained Sewer Lines Are The Secret To A Functional Home

    There’s one thing to have a kitchen sink clogged, but when your whole house is backing up, you know you have a bigger problem with your main sewer.

    Most common signs of a main sewer line blockage include toilets that don’t flush, sewer water backing into bathtubs and showers, and drains that aren’t draining. Or worse, all of the above.

    Maintaining your home’s drains and sewer lines can prevent all kinds of plumbing problems and save you a major headache. Regardless of your issue, we’ll get your sewer line back in order and your home functional in no time.

Stay In The Know With Your Sewer Cleaning Job

    • What are the signs of a clogged sewer line?

      You’ll know your sewer line is clogged when more of your drains are backing up. If you have a cleanout install, check it for sewage water standing in your yard or coming out of your drain cleanout. That’s a definite sign of a main sewer line blockage. Seeing sewage water in your floor drain or backing up in the shower when you flush the toilet is another clear sign.

    • How are sewers cleaned?

      While main sewers are addressed by the city, as a homeowner you’re responsible for sewer lines within your property. To help with that, at Fanti Sewer & Drian Pros we use a combination of tools and procedures. Besides a camera inspection, we use hydraulic techniques (known as hydro jetting) that use high-water pressure to dislodge and clean sludge and debris, including roots and other hard blockages.

      Mechanical techniques include using an auger, a motorized snake, or a cable. Usually, a combination of them is needed. If your pipes are cracked, we also perform pipe replacement, pipe relining, or other pipe repairs as needed.

    • What causes sewer pipe damage?

      Some of the most common causes of a sewer line damage include:

      • Lack of periodic maintenance and inspection
      • Buildup of sludge, grease, hair, or uncommon objects thrown down the line
      • Regular ground freezing/thawing
      • Aging
      • Heavy construction nearby and earth moving
      • Root infiltration need pipe joints
    • How do I know if I have a broken sewer pipe?

      One of the clearest signs of sewer line damage is a flooded yard and greener grass near your sewage pipe. This means the line is broken and water gets out.

      Other signs include lack of water in your toilets, sewage backup in your toilets or tub, gurgling sounds coming from your drains, and slow-draining sinks.

    • How do I unclog my main sewer line without a cleanout?

      Main sewer line blockages are usually hard to fix with home remedies such as hot water or chemical solutions. While hot water can dissolve some grease, it won’t help if you’re having a tougher blockage, not to mention it can damage your pipes.

      If you don’t have a drain cleanout and you’ve already tried plunging but it didn’t work, call a professional. At Fanti Sewer & Drain Pros, we’ll perform a camera inspection to find the location of the clog, then determine if a cleanout needs to be installed. We’ll consult with you on our findings and choose the best solution for your home.

    • How often do sewers need to be cleaned?

      Getting your sewer drain cleaned at least every two years can help you avoid clogs. When we clean your drains, we’ll also perform a full-system camera inspection. This helps catch any pipe issues in time and address them before they become an expensive problem.

Sewer Cleaning And Repair Prices

Once we assess the situation and determine the best course of action, you’ll receive a flat-rate quote for your drain issue.
  • Basic Sewer Cleaning

    *sewer cleaning with proper access to a cleanout.

    If not present, we’ll need to install a cleanout on the main line for cleaning and future maintenance.

    We’ll offer a proposal and advise on the best cleanout location beforehand.

  • Advanced Sewer Cleaning

    Uses a combination of snaking, underground camera, and high-pressure hydrojetting.

    Performed with a 2,500-gallon trailer tank with high PSI and cutter head. Ideal for heavy roots, lots of grease, and lots of sludge.

  • Sewer Repair

    Price varies based on the severity of the problem. We’ll use cameras to identify and locate the issue, then report on what we found and present the best course of action for your specific repair.

    Where possible, we can perform trenchless sewer replacement, pipe lining, and other trenchless plumbing methods for hard-to-reach pipes or to avoid damaging your backyard.

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