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  • The Newest Pipe Repairing Technology

    Do you have a sewer line that’s going under a city street, a driveway, or any structure, and you don’t want to tear up your landscape to get to it?

    Pipelining is the newest repairing technology out there that gets the job done quickly and efficiently, without leaving behind a mess.

    The pipe lining process implies shooting an epoxy line through your sewer lines and expanding it with hot water. It repairs holes and broken pipes, basically giving you a brand-new line that’ll last for at least 50 more years!

What You Need To Know About Pipe Lining

    • How efficient is pipelining?

      All the top-tier plumbing companies are now use pipelining because it’s a new technology that helps you avoid a lot of tearing up, and so it keeps your backyard much cleaner. Not just that, but the epoxy or resin we use is so tough that roots won’t be able to grow through the new pipe.

    • How does the pipelining process go?

      We’ll start by descaling the pipe and removing the buildup to ensure the lining fits through. Then we’ll use a CCTV camera to inspect and measure the pipe so the lining can be cut to size. We’ll cover the sleeve in resin and push the bladder (or the “balloon”) through the pipeliner. After that, we insert the liner in the pipe and blow out air to expand it. We’ll wait for the resin to harden and pull out the bladder.

    • How long will the new pipes last?

      Your new pipes will be tougher and more durable than ever. Generally, they last about 50 years in which time you won’t have to worry about roots growing through them. We also offer you a 30 to 40 year warranty!

    • What is pipelining made of?

      Pipelining uses an epoxy resin that hardens in place to create a new, stronger pipe.

    • Is pipelining treated chemically?

      In certain situations, chemicals are used in the pipelining process to give the resin a boost in strength and durability. If, however, we’re pipelining a line used only for drinking water, there won’t be any chemicals involved in the process.

    • How long does a pipelining project take?

      The average pipelining job can be finished in about two hours, and it’s usually a two-man job.

Pipelining Prices

You’ll first get an in-depth inspection of your plumbing issue. Once we assess the situation, you’ll get an accurate pricing and timeframe quote.
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