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Pipe Cleaning

Pipe Cleaning is something you may need if you’re having issues like we discuss in a previous article. So, why not leave it to the professionals? Have you been experiencing constant backups? Or pinhole leaks in your building’s plumbing system? Whether inside or outside, we have ways to solve these problems without re-piping the entire system.

Proper Pipe Cleaning and What is Pipe Lining?

Pipelining, also known as cured-in-place piping (CIPP), is a durable, long-lasting solution for your pipe problems. The best way to line your broken pipes is by using a structural epoxy that will adhere to the inside of them. Pipelining offers an effective, cost-effective solution to your pipes’ issues.

Whether it’s a cracked drain line, root infiltration, or corrosion buildup restricting the diameter of your pipe, CIPP Lining can offer you peace of mind. Unlike snaking or jetting a sewer line, CIPP lining is the long-term solution. It’s an affordable and efficient way to fix any potential problems with your pipes before they become too costly for you.

The CIPP Lining Process

  1. In most cases, a pipelining project begins with installing CCTV cameras to map out internal plumbing systems. This allows to create an efficient timeline. We want to offer minimal disruption to you while the work is completed.
  2. The process of cleaning pipes involves removing roots and debris buildup. Consequently this returns them to their original functioning diameter.
  3. An epoxy-saturated felt liner is inserted into the damaged host pipe. It is then pushed or pulled through. This lining method provides flexibility.
  4. A smooth joint-less epoxy pipe covers up the existing host pipe. Then the final CCTV camera inspection has been completed.

Pipe Cleaning and What is Pipe Coating?

The process of epoxy coating a pressurized pipe system such as potable lines, HVAC systems, and fire suppression lines is entirely different than CIPP lining.

The Process of Pipe Coating

  1. The epoxy coating process begins with a walk-through to determine your pipes’ problem areas and configuration. In order to avoid disruption we create an efficient timeline for work completion. Inspecting your water pipes is critical to ensure that they work correctly. Then, the plumbing system is checked for integrity. After that, we install a temporary bypass pipe for any repairs needed from excessively worn joints or fittings.
  2. The pipes need to be pressure tested. Then they’re ready for cleaning. Removing any remaining rust or corrosion by-products can be accomplished using asafe and effective abrading agent. This is blown through them pipes. Compressed air is then applied to remove any remaining fine particles.
  3. The epoxy coating is applied using conditioned air to evenly distribute the product through each pipe segment. The continuous airflow keeps the epoxy in place. Additionally, this ensures an even application which is crucial for optimal results.
  4. To ensure a leak-free installation we wait for the epoxy to cure. Then valves and couplings are refitted . Lastly, a water quality, volume, and flow test will confirm that your new plumbing system runs smoothly.

Pipelining and epoxy coating are more cost-effective solutions than traditional pipe replacement. It’s a long-term solution for non-pressurized pipes like sewer and vent stacks. Potable water or fire suppression systems can also be pressurized. In other words, it’s not just about band-aid fixes but solutions that will last you years with proper care.

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